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Flowers for funerals

Flowers For Funerals

Saying Goodbye with flowers

Flowers for funerals

The Tradition of Flowers for Funerals

The gesture of using flowers for funerals,  as a final tribute to a loved, one has been a tradition for many many years. It’s a loving and gentle way to show how much you cared for those that have passed, and a way to bring a little beauty to such a solemn time.

We often associate certain flowers with certain people, because they were in their garden, their wedding flowers, or because they commented on them every time they saw them when they were out and about! Sometimes it’s simply the scent that evokes a special memory. We aim to capture this with in our tributes to make them really personal.

We have designed many different styles of flowers for funerals and are always overwhelmed by the responses from the families who have asked us to design for their loved one. We believe in taking our time to really understand the wishes of the family and friends, and also to learn more about what their tribute would mean to both them and their dearly departed loved one. We are also often asked to include something significant in the tributes too – feathers for game keepers, prize blooms from their garden, a special token much associated with the person.

Garden Style Coffin Spray Funeral Flowers

The tributes we’re perhaps most noted for are our Garden Style Coffin Sprays. These designs are frequently commented on and really give us chance to make the most of all the flowers and colours that families associate with their loved one. We can make in any size to suit your preference.

Environmental Tributes

We are also able to offer fully environmentally friendly tributes. These are designed without the use of any plastics or metals and can be composted. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us directly for more information.

Below shows a design created completely from scratch, featuring mini handles and plants to be given to the family after the service.

Letter and Novelty Tribute Funeral Flowers

We understand that hobbies, and roles are an important part of how we remember our loved ones so we are also able to create fully bespoke letter and novelty tributes, such as floral handbags, football shirts and name tributes.

Nothing can make the loss of our family and friend easy, but we hope to make the floral tributes you send as perfect as they can be.


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